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Creation of the first French fiduciary & evidence-based financial advisor

Dear readers,

A little personal message today. Just today.

I am very happy to announce the creation of a the first fiduciary financial advisor in France, Alpha & K. We are launching this company today with my partner and friend Philippe Maupas. And I just want to present it quickly to you…

Alpha & K are the first word and letter of our respective blogs : Kudu’s Skeptical Economics (that you obviously know already…) and Alpha Beta Blog for Philippe’s (which I recommend for those of you interested in a deeper study of investment products and industry).

You might know that apart from writing here I created in 2013 a financial advisory company that already chose to be independent, which meant that I could only be paid directly by clients. Philippe is now joining me in this choice.

So what are the three domains of expertise that Alpha & K will help its clients :

  • Investments advisory
  • Financial education and coaching
  • Financial engineering, inc. fiscal and legal.

This will be no surprise for those of you who follow Philippe’s blog : Alpha & K will follow the principles of evidence-based investing (EBI)

Following EBI means taking investment decisions based on data and facts more than daily narratives and marketing materials from financial products sales.

Following EBI means considering the integrality of available investments, including low cost index tracking funds, that a great part of French advisors avoid due to their lack of commissions.

Finally, following EBI means explaining and justifying the advise to clients, coaching them all along, in order to keep them focused and confident, helping them managing the behavioral bias we all have.

To discover and follow Alpha & K, you can visit the company’s website here or subscribe to its Twitter account or LinkedIn page.

And as we do love our logo we want to thanks its designer : Samantha Fuster-Vinuesa.

Here it is for today. I will be back soon on politics, economic, investment or the three of them. Stay tuned and thank you again for your support and interest.

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