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What do I write about ?

Everything that I consider been relevant to Economics in a very large way. In fact I write about a lot of topics, with however a clear investor’s point of view. One could say that I write about whatever I want, which would not be completely incorrect.

Economics of course, but also politics, investing and technology

I am deeply skeptical about all opinions because I am especially suspicious of my owns. I consider that pretty much anything can be challenged, and am aware of my own behavioral and social biases which I try to understand and fight.

I also believe strongly in the need for the financial advise and investment industry to renew itself, especially on the moral part. Therefore I do have a tendency to prudently support fiduciary advisors, reasonable cost asset management, fee-only business models, technology and in fact anything that can improve the trust and knowledge investors have in the industry and their own investments. I hate and chase any kind of lie or misrepresentation.

I must confess that I am European and French citizen and have therefore a clear geographical bias that I try to moderate. When I write about more French/European-centered topics I translate them to english (obviously) and try to extend my conclusions to more global concerns, in order to keep you all interested.

Finally I write with the hope that my modest opinions and works will participate somehow to the global debate on the topics I cover, in a positive and progressive way. I do not believe that I am always right, quite the opposite in fact, and invite you to comment, answer, or develop on my posts if you think it will be useful. In particular, do react if you think I am completely wrong, that is the all point of this, but keep constructive.

Hope to read you soon !