Entrepreneurship – The leap of faith

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You are going to do it, your life project is ready. Here are just a few modest thoughts for you before you jump into the unknown.

This is my story, but this is not only my story.

This is somehow about finance, but this not only about finance.

This is somehow about entrepreneurship, but this is also about many different projects you might aspire to, not only creating your own company.

It is about everybody.

Many of us start a happily ever after career and think it will last forever. But no, there is a growing uncertainty and relentless life satisfaction questioning that might appear something like ten years into one’s professional life, and which makes everything change. There is a point where everyone might start wondering :

” What the hell am I still doing here? ”

And I guess 2020 probably made this even more vivid for many of us.

Many things can spark this life-changing thought. It can be strong or very diffuse. It can appear after just a few years or way later. But it is one that will change your life, professional or personal, once and for all.

Like Néo in The Matrix, when asked which pill you want to swallow, you might have a life-defining moment in your life. It is no small decision. And you know it. Here are some modest advice on how to make that choice, and how to get prepared for it.

So, will you go down the rabbit hole ? And how ?

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