Who am I ?

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My name is Julien Coudert, I am French, and I am in my late 30’s.

After studying engineering and mathematics in college I got interested in investing and specialized in asset management. Starting as a mutual fund and portfolio manager for a French private wealth company I managed several equity and fixed income funds for eight years.

This is how I learned through my numerous mistakes, and forged an investment philosophy structured by the rigorous confrontation between scientific facts, data and the underlying economic and human reality, philosophy which is of course still evolving and improving with me.

Feeling, after eight good years, a need to create, and a support of good ideas for it, I asked to leave and received farewell to create my own investing advisory firm, Compagnie Saint Eusice in 2013. I was dedicated, and still am to be one of the first real fiduciary advisor in France.

This company has now evolved into a new one, Alpha & K, when Philippe Maupas joined me in the summer of 2018. This new company keeps on promoting a strongly independent, human based, and economically constructive financial advise.

But I am first of all married and father of four boys, Charles, Arnaud, Xavier and Antoine, who do take a *large* part of my life.

I try with my wife Camille to initiate them to my passions which are nature, my two favorite sports, rugby and karate, humor, scientific curiosity, honesty and an open-minded view of the world. Optimistic and friendly, I like human relations and my laugh, noisy and spontaneous, is easily recognizable, as is my loud voice when I disagree.