Monopoly ! The investor’s way

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How sound investing can help you mercilessly crush your kids at board games.

Once again my kids lead me into thinking at investment in a very uncommon way.

I was playing, a few weeks ago, Monopoly with my 8 years old son. It is amazing how this game still lives on. I was not planning on any preconceived strategy neither grand life lessons to my son. I was just playing. Relaxed. Cool.

But I am a nerd, and while I did not really cared to win, I did amuse myself in trying to “master” the game. To be able to win or lose if I wanted to (the later been useful as a parent). So I started over-rationalizing things. Planning and computing odds.

And it stunned me all the sudden.

All the sound investing principles I  profess to my clients and use for myself are actually quite useful in this game too ! Sweet.

So let’s try to apply them, and master monopoly !

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